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Are any of these scenarios typical to your business?

SHOUT PR & Marketing has been specifically created to not only support, but also become your businesses strategic marketing function.

  • You have launched a new product or service but have been too ‘busy’ to promote it.
  • Marketing often takes a back seat as other day to day priorities take over.
  • You know what you want to do but aren’t quite sure how to make it happen.
  • Your website hasn’t been updated for several months although you know it reflects badly on your business.
  • You know you need someone to run your creative marketing campaign and give it the push it deserves but the work load doesn’t warrant a full time position.
  • Employing a new member of staff requires significant time and effort to train them. Something that is in short supply.
  • Your competitors seem to be having more of a push and stealing your clients.
  • Your marketing message lacks consistency and you work on a reactive, ad-hoc basis.
Some Commonly Asked Questions:
Do you manage everything in-house or do you outsource?
Every aspect of your campaign will be managed by one of our in-house strategic marketing professionals. This is the only way to achieve a truly cohesive marketing message.
How do you know what my business needs?
You benefit from our experience. Although we are not driven by business sectors, the same principles apply and these can be quickly translated to your business. We use proven creative marketing techniques.
How will we know what you do?
Your bespoke campaign planner is signed off by you prior to any work beginning. Throughout the marketing campaign we set regular review meetings to ensure you are entirely satisfied with the campaigns progress.
How can I be sure what you publish is correct?
Every aspect of what we do produce is fully signed off by you prior to publishing.
What happens if I cancel part way through the marketing campaign?
We require one full months written notice should you wish to cancel your marketing campaign. At this point your account is reconciled.
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The Marketing Agency operates out of Portsmouth, Southampton, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and provides strategic marketing planning and creative marketing solutions across all forms of media. Whether you want to target print marketing, website marketing, social media marketing or event and show marketing we will work with you to develop a marketing stratergy that is right for your business. Our marketing experts have many years experience in the marketing sector and will help take your company to the next level and bring your ideas to life and create the perfect marketing mix for your business.