What is Shout?

SHOUT PR & Marketing has been specifically created to not only support, but also become your businesses marketing function.

Our niche is working with SME’s who typically don’t employ an in-house marketing person as either the business doesn’t warrant a part time, let alone full time person or budget constraints mean the position just isn’t viable. There is also the issue of training, holidays, sickness and a general lack of accountability for any marketing spend.

More often than not this results in the businesses MD or owner taking on the responsibility of marketing. Something that they are not necessarily skilled or qualified in doing. This will typically result in any marketing message or activity becoming fragmented and furthermore, lead to significant wastage in their strategic marketing spend.

This is where SHOUT PR & Marketing steps in.

If your business has a marketing budget but you aren’t sure on the returns you are getting then you must talk with us. Our team of marketing experts will work with you to not only develop, but also manage your marketing activity with transparency and accountability.

Examples of how SHOUT PR can help your business
Business 1

Our marketing team are working with a business that provides electrical, plumbing and gas services to both private & commercial clients. This business is now four years old and has achieved significant growth within their market place.

The company’s directors have traditionally managed their marketing activity, from advertising and PR through to direct mail and e-shots and whilst it has worked well getting them to this stage, their time has become precious and needs to be directed towards managing the business.

They investigated the option of bringing in a marketing manager but the workload simply didn’t warrant it. Their salary also made this option prohibitive. They were now at a cross roads as to whether they call in an ‘external’ agency or continue to manage the creative marketing themselves.

Having contacted The Agency we met with them and listened to their objectives, the resources at their disposal and gained an undersatanding of their business culture.

As a result of that meeting we pitched our vision as to how their business could move forward in an easy to understand manner detailing the tools we would use and the associated cost of doing so. The result was that our client had a fully integrated marketing campaign, managed by one of our professionals for significantly less cost than that of employing a full time marketing person.


Business 2

Having undertaken an extensive re-branding for a south coast demolition company we were all keen to ensure that the initiative was taken to ensure we followed through with their marketing.

This time, working with their marketing co-ordinator we created an outline marketing strategy that would ensure their company was always in their clients minds. This included regular client newsletters and press releases through to ensureing their search engine optimisation was performing.

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The Marketing Agency operates out of Portsmouth, Southampton, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and provides strategic marketing planning and creative marketing solutions across all forms of media. Whether you want to target print marketing, website marketing, social media marketing or event and show marketing we will work with you to develop a marketing stratergy that is right for your business. Our marketing experts have many years experience in the marketing sector and will help take your company to the next level and bring your ideas to life and create the perfect marketing mix for your business.